Honduranean Clients

  • Description: Medium sized sem-intensive shrimp farm.

  • Service Provided: Auditing farming practices and looked at disease/health issues for shrimp and for Tilapia.  One the earlier pioneers with attempting to culture Tilapia with P. vannamei, they were able to work out some of the problems co-cultivating these animals in the same farm.   After WSSV hit honduras the company never recovered and was eventually closed by the owners, Seaboard Marine.

Granjas Marinas San Bernardo
  • Description: Very large shrimp farming group.  Composed of many thousand ha of extensive and semi-intensive shrimp farms on the Gulf of Fonseca.

  • Service Provided: Successfully coordinated and conducted field trials on the development of a non-specific immune stimulant to protect shrimp against vibriosis. The product (MEGAX-click to go to another website ) also protected shrimp against TSV and the early stages of WSSV although it was overwhelmed in the face of serious challenges, which became commonplace as these diseases ravaged the industry. The farming group was a JV between an American and Honduranean group and infighting led to the company breaking up with the Americans selling their share in the company.

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