Ecuadorean Clients

  • Service Provided: Wrote a business plan for farming dorado (also known as mahi mahi or dolphin or dolphin fish) in Ecuador.

  • Description: Group of farms that banded together to start a genetics program.

  • Service provided: This group started the first mass selection genetics program for P. vannamei in Ecuador. We designed and built a maturation facility and hatchery (Sea Quest) and began an arduous mass selection process using 6 sources of PLs prior to the onset of WSSV in Ecuador. WSSV shut the program down though it was never completely closed and the model became a widely copied model in Ecuador. Ecuador's continued success today can be partly attributed to this genetic selection program.

 El Rosario, Naturisa, Mar Bravito and SONGA (The SEA QUEST group)
Champmar and Cresbio
  • Description: Two medium sized hatcheries.

  • Service Provided: Complete technical audit on all facets of production with evaluation of existing protocols and problem areas potentially affecting production.  

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