Selected Indonesian Clients

Tael Partners
  • Description:  An investment firm interested in shrimp farming and advising clients as to suitability of investing in an existing farm.  

  • Service Provided:  A technical audit of the section of the farm of interest and two hatcheries providing seed stock to this farm.    I prepared a detailed report that described the current status of the shrimp farming community and a frank opinion on the issues that I encountered during my site visits.  

Fega Barramundi
  • Description:  A progressive and sustainable Barramundi farming project in the Thousand Island archipelago.  They are no longer in operation after the family patriarch passed away and his family closed the farm.  They were partly vertically integrated, owning their own hatchery, a farm site located in the Thousand Island group on a 2300 ha concession and processing plant.  

  • Service Provided: Assisting with marketing efforts, evaluation of HACCP compliance of processing plant and compliance with international certification standards, preaudits and compliance with sustainability standards, special  projects, etc.  Evaluating farm and hatchery compliance with Global Gap protocols. Worked on biosecurity protocols, etc. 

Processing Plants:
  • Unit Dua Bumi Menara Internusa, PT  (Surabaya)

  • PT Bumi Menara Internusa Dampit

  • PT Surya Allam Tunggall

  • PT Panca Mitra Multiperdana

  • PT Empang

  • Centralpertiwi Bahang

  • PT Kelola Mina Laut

  • PT Winaros Kawala Bahari

  • PT Royal Fisheries Indonesia

  • CPP Proteinprima

  • PT Mega Marine Pride

  • Description and service provided:  All of these are processing plants for shrimp that I audited against ACC standards (revised 2010).  Prior to 2010, the audits were user friendly audits and it was possible to work with the clients to  make sure that they understood what they needed to do to meet the requirments of the standard.   Starting in 2010, this changed and the role of the auditor became strictly that of a policemen.  Many companies that were not prepared were routinely audited and it was not possible to advise them as to what they needed to do to comply only tell them what they were not doing and leave it up to them to figure out how to comply.  

Tamamjaya Shrimp Farm
  • Description:   A very small, less than 10 ha, super-intensive farm producing L. vannamei.  Using a tiered approach to production, they were on the threshold of a productivity breakthrough which could allow them to produce up to 100 MT of shrimp per ha per year.

  • Service Provided:  Technical and operational audit geared towards improving biosecurity and protecting facility against possible problems in the future. Indonesia is having some serious disease problems all the time and I advised the owners as to biosecurity issues, etc.   

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