Nicaraguan Clients

Inversiones San Miguel
  • Description: Small feed mill providing shrimp and tilapia feeds for the regional farmers.  

  • Service provided: Took management on tour of shrimp farming industry in Guatemala and Belize. Introduced them to owners and farm managers with the intent of assisting ISM in their expansion of their market in CA. At least one new large client resulted.    Presented status of global shrimp farming market for selected clientele at a regional meeting in Leon, Nicaragua.  

Sahlman Sea Foods Inc.
  • Description: Small semi-intensive farm owned by a large multinational fishing company.

  • Service Provided: Complete technical audit of the farm. Like many farms they were experiencing a problem with growth that could not be easily explained. Recommended modifications and changes in protocols. Worked with management staff to solve productivity problems affecting maturation and production. Taught them how to keep better records and use them to determine what factors affect productivity by adopting use of productivity enhancing software.  

Ecuanica (Camanica)
  • Description: A large almost vertically integrated shrimp farm, hatchery maturation facility and processing plant.  

  • Service Provided: Audited protocols for in house production of microbial inoculants for the farm and the settling pond post shrimp processing plant.  Reviewed protocols and equipment used.   Also briefly looked at hatchery production and commented on some of the issues affecting production. 

Nicaragua Camaronera
  • Description: A group of farms owned by the local sugar mill with a hatchery.

  • Service Provided: Technical audits on farm and hatchery geared towards improving analytical technologies and lessening the impact of animal health problems.

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