American Clients

General Atomics Inc. 
  • Description: Diverse large corporation located in San Diego area involved in energy related projects including the production of algae as a biofuel source.

  • Service provided: Gave a seminar to select group of responsible upper management on aquaculture in general with a focus on the potential market for algal meals that might be produced as a buy product of an attempt to generate biofuels from algal biomass.   

Logos Energy Ltd.
  • Description: Small company engaged in energy related projects.

  • Service provided: Assisted in writing a grant for the production of cutting edge molecular biology based technology for the prevention of the WSSV virus. Assisted in market assessment for RNAi products.

Gerson Lehrman Group

Description: A large research company that offers services to clients looking for advice regarding potential areas to invest in.

Service provided: Provided telephone conversation consults to investors regarding various aquaculture related issues. Recent topics of discussion include:

  • fish protein hydrolysates, uses, market, players. etc.

  • closed containment fish farming-a discussion of the technology, advantages and disadvantages, where it is headed and what the opportunities are now and tomorrow

  • aquaculture in general, players, methodology, investment opportunities, Tilapia, shrimp, etc.

  • shrimp farming in general

  • shrimp farming in Indonesia with a focus on disease issues and efforts to address them, IMNV and WSSV

  • salmon farming in Chile, issues affecting the industry (ISA), solutions, short and long term perspectives

  • shrimp farming and processing issues, global and regional

  • shrimp farming in Suluwesi and Indonesia in general

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