Vietnamese Clients

 Research Institute of  Aquaculture (RIA 1)
  • Description: Government research institute based outside of Hanoi. Working collaboratively with many governments including the Norwegian government. I worked on a grant from the Norwegian government (5 weeks total).

  • Service  provided: Taught staff the principles of vaccine manufacture for warm water fish. Visited and observed facilities for the production of grouper and cobia. Sampled diseased fish to obtain potential vaccine candidates. Made several small batches of vaccine and instructed staff on seed production and maintenance, preparation of bacterins, potency, safety and efficacy testing. Taught staff how to make a reproducible product according to US standards. During this time I became familiar with the culture of cobia and grouper.

Duyen Hai Bac Lieu
  • Description: Large corporate farm in the southern part of Vietnam with several hatcheries and hundreds of acres of shrimp farms.  Producing both Penaeus monodon and Litopenaeus (also known as Penaeus) vannamei.

  • Service Provided: Technical audits of hatchery production issues.  Hatcheries are typical of many Asian facilities that do not use science based practices. Taught staff about biosecurity, cleanliness, washing of eggs and nauplii, handling of PL production and peripheral issues. Looked at farm issues from biosecurity standpoint. Audited farm production as well.

Bayer Vietnam Ltd.
  • Description: Large multinational corporation servicing the agriculture sector in Vietnam.

  • Service Provided: Prepared and gave educational seminars to shrimp farmers and catfish farmers (basa and tra ). Subjects included disease diagnostic tools, status of catfish farming in the USA,  culture of L. vannamei versus P. monodon, diseases of catfish, health monitoring and disease prevention, water quality issues in aquaculture, the use of microbial cultures in improving water quality.

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