Venezuelan Clients

  • Description: Very large farm with 500 plus 3 ha ponds operating on the shores of Lake Maracaibo. Innovative semi intensive production system although in retrospect very difficult to successfully manage productivity on all 5 zones. Too many ponds and critical differences in water.

  • Service Provided: Complete technical audit of existing farming operations. Consulted and advised the owner an the range of technical matters that affected production. Designed and proposed the establishment of a multifaceted laboratory for performing water chemistries, animal pathology, compliance with environmental regulation and histopathology. Interactive consulting on a consistent basis providing a sounding board for ideas and comments about production. Assisted in purchasing of commodities as well. At the time that TSV hit Venezuela I advised management about the disease problem and confirmed that the problem was present on the farm. At managements request I advised the Venezuelan Shrimp Growers Association about suggested guidelines for allowing the importation of SPF animals to replenish the depleted stocks.

  • Description: A very large hatchery located on the Atlantic Ocean producing L. vannamei. Prior to early 2005, all of the animals were Venezuelan stocks. After mid 2005, there were exclusively TSV tolerant SPF animals imported from the United States.

  • Service Provided: Complete technical audit of the hatchery.  Recommended design modifications and changes in protocols.   Worked with management staff to solve productivity
    problems affecting maturation and production.

  • Description: A feed mill dedicated to the production of shrimp feed. The only production facility of its type in Venezuela.  

  • Service Provided: Visited and toured facility. Technical audit of operations with recommendations about safety and suggestions for improving productivity. Encouraged the use of and recommended an external consultant to assist with production issues. Sourced feed components.  

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