Mexican Clients

  • Description: Integrated company producing P. stylirostris. 

  • Service Provided: Provided a technical audit of the farm, the broodstock program, the maturation facility and the hatchery. Production was complicated by contractual issues with the suppliers of the broodstock that effectively limited productivity and a number of other issues including environmental and water quality issues. Survivals in the hatchery were very low and the broodstock were not being produced in a bio-secure manner.   Regional NGOs were forcing the company to spend large amounts of money to satisfy inane requirements that ensured that the company could not operate profitably.

Super Shrimp
  • Description:  Hatchery and farm producing the blue shrimp, P. stylirostris. First company focused on genetic improvement of shrimp, although it was founded to take advantage of the availability of a TSV refractory shrimp when TSV was wiping out P. vannamei in Mexico.   After only one generation though the virus mutated and began to kill the blue shrimp  forcing a change in the business strategy. The owners of Super Shrimp had a great opportunity which their short sighted greed made sure never happened. The company singlehandedly saved the shrimp farming industry in Mexico but fell into disrepute due to poor management, broken promises and serious financial mismanagement with the eventual result of the company failing. 

  • Service Provided: Technical audits and problem solving for water quality and production issues. Worked with clients that bought PLs to deal with various grow out issues. Trouble shooting production issues. Liaised with University of San Diego on the development of a transgenic shrimp (successful). I ensured that the USD kept on track in the early stages of their research and was instrumental in ensuring early success. After I left the work continued and eventually a patent was awarded to them for developing a transgenic shrimp although the goal of the work, developing a shrimp that expressed antisense WSSV DNA never was realized. Developed proposals for triploidy and culturing Totoaba, an endangered fish species in the Sea of Cortez.

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