Who Are We?

Aquaintech Inc. was founded in 1996 by Stephen Newman from the shell of another company, International Aquaculture Biotechnologies Ltd. (IABL).  IABL was a VC funded company tasked to develop the first commercial shrimp vaccine. We now know that shrimp cannot be immunized in the sense that vertebrates can be.  However, it does turn out that the parabiotic that IABL developed worked consistently and well in the field and the lab.  


Standing apart from the multitude of competitors who are selling microbial products, Dr. Newman is a marine microbiologist who has worked for 40 years on aquatic animal health issues. His doctoral thesis led to the discovery of the role of a plasmid-encoded membrane binding protein that sequesters iron  that is responsible for the ability of a salmon pathogen, Vibrio anguillarum to kill salmonids (i.e. he figured out how this important pathogen produced disease).


After graduate school  (1973 to 1979) Dr. Newman developed, marketed and sold some of the first commercial fish vaccines. He has traveled to, and extensively in, more than 50 countries and worked with fish and shrimp farmers at all levels of the production process, companies that are developing products for the industry, venture capitalists seeking to fund a variety of potential products including Single Cell Proteins (SCP) as alternatives to fish meal, alternative sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, and many more (www.aquacultureconsultant.com).



Aquaintech Inc. specializes in environmental, biosecurity and animal health-related issues.   We are heavily focused on the prevention of stress and disease by the use of functional tools and proactive approaches.

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