Consulting for Sustainable Farming

One of the main services provided at Aquaintech Inc. is consultation.  We provide consultation on most aspects of aquaculture ranging from site selection to processing and marketing the final products.  We have worked at all levels of the value chain.   Our CEO, Dr. Stephen G. Newman, knows and understands the intricacies of water treatment, feeding, reproduction and bio-augmentation of many marine species, both vertebrate and invertebrate, as well as what it takes to be successful in the aquaculture farming business. Aquaintech Inc. can help you with at virtually any stage of the process.     Even if you have no outstanding issues we can help increase yield, reduce disease and stress and help you produce healthier animals and increase your PROFITS. 


We have worked with dozens of companies in dozens of countries on just about any facet of aquaculture one can imagine throughout the supply chain.    This includes companies looking to market and sell products into the global aquaculture industry including single cell proteins (yeast, bacteria, fungi, etc.), dietary supplements, diagnostics, and many others.   We also have worked at every level of the chain as well, including feed mills, maturation facilities, hatcheries, nurseries and farms of many different types for many different species.   This includes the entire range of production paradigms from extensive pond based farms to highly intensive indoor (greenhouse)  systems using RAS and biofloc.  We routinely perform technical (operational and biosecurity) audits that leave clients with a better understanding of what problems they have, why they are occurring and what can be done to mitigate the impact.    We also have worked with dozens of investment firms looking to better understand aquaculture in general and many specific aspects of the industry.  


We have performed hundreds of site visits for many different species, although the focus for the last few decades has been farmed shrimp.   I have also been an invited speaker at dozens of regional and international conferences and can discuss almost any topic relevant to aquaculture.   

The future of aquaculture looks very good

 There are few who would disagree that we are still in the relatively early stages of a global paradigm shift from fishing (hunting) to farming fish and many other aquatic animals and plants.   This does not mean that aquaculture will replace the traditional fishery but it will take pressure off of the fishery and likely ensure that humanity will be able to enjoy the benefits of eating seafood well into the future.   The chart below shows this trend (FAO. 2018. The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2018 - Meeting the sustainable development goals. Rome. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO).   Humanity is currently very close to the point at which we are consuming more seafood produced via aquaculture than the wild fishery.   This trend will continue with the amount of protein coming from aquaculture accelerating as the 21st century progresses and a burgeoning human population reached the forecasted 10 billion mark.


Science-based aquaculture has driven the growth of this industry globally. This chart shows how the overall tonnage coming from aquaculture is increasing while the fishery is leveling off at "sustainable" levels. There are other projections that show that aquaculture is close to the 90 plus million MTs total fishery. It is certain that growth will continue into the foreseeable future.  


Based on our experience, we believe very strongly that an honest, knowledge-based third-party perspective can help you find the best way to develop a profitable and sustainable project for aquaculture.  Whether you have a product that you want to get into aquaculture, want to build a farm, feed mill, etc. we can assist you. We have investigated, developed, licensed and marketed diagnostics, fish vaccines, disinfectants, nonspecific immune stimulants, feed additives, alternative feed ingredients (SCP) and fish meal substitutes among many others.  


  • We can assist in the preparation of business plans from scratch, review and edit existing plans, perform due diligence for investors, educate potential investors as to risks and potential benefits and provide a realistic honest third-party perspective on virtually any aquaculture related project. 

  • We audit existing operations, problem solve, troubleshoot and advise management as to what is actually happening and affecting production, verifying what they have been told (or not).

  • We develop disease mitigation impact programs using conventional approaches and with more than 38 years of experience at many different facets of the global aquaculture industry, we can provide you with the perspective you need to make informed decisions and choices using cutting-edge technological approaches. 


It is difficult to find consultants who will tell you the truth, regardless of the consequences. Usually, if there is more work involved they tend to soften things to ensure that the work continues.  I am not motivated by the need to have constant work.  Sometimes what I have to say is not particularly kind and on more than one occasion after a thorough evaluation, I have told investors that the project is not what it appears to be.


You can count on an honest realistic assessment, no holds barred, to guide you in your decision-making process.   This can save you headaches later or solve ongoing problems that conventional approaches will not address. 

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