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Some of our services: Disease impact control-through the use of field proven technology and implementation of truly sustainable management practices.  Audits of operations at all stages of the process including maturation facilities, hatcheries, nurseries, production ponds (all range of densities and biofloc), processing plants, waste management and disposal, biosecurity and technical with constructive steps suggested to improve biosecurity.  We have developed and helped companies develop marketing strategies for a variety of products for sale into the international aquaculture community.  I have worked with shrimp from freshwater, brackish water and oceanic water environments.  As well I have experience in managing disease risks and stress and general production of salmonids including trout, catfish, grouper, cobia, tilapia, barramundi and other species.  I helped develop, market and sell some of the first vaccines for commercial fish species in the US and Canada and can teach affected farms with the resources how to manufacture their own vaccines.  
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