Current shrimp diseases in Southeast Asia (Infofish)
Could excessive chlorine use cause EMS
Frontiers of immunization in fish cultures
Heat Stability of AITI Bacillus spores
What To Do About EMS/AHPN?
Aquaculture is agriculture in water based systems
Control of vibrios in ponds and on shrimp farms
Dealing with WSSV, A Seven Step Program
Effective management of WSSV in shrimp
EMS Presentation
Management and Prevention of Stress in Aquaculture
Microsporidian impacts shrimp production
Managing EMS
Why controlling WSSV is so difficult
Prevention and control of EHP
Specific Pathogen-Free Status Advances Shrimp Culture
The aquaculture microbiome at the center of business creation
Vibrio Control In Shrimp Farming Part 1
Vibrio Control In Shrimp Farming Part 2
Vibriosis –the bane of shrimp farmers
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