Antibiotics in Aquaculture
Is responsible use possible?
Advocate Mag   2007
Common sense Biosecurity Measures (Global Aquaculture Advocate)
Proactive Disease Management in Shrimp (The Advocate)
Relevance of sampling protocols to determine animal health
Are Antibiotics Needed?
Viable substitutes are available
Biosecurity: Not just a word. (Global Aquaculture Advocate)
BAP stands out at seafood summit (Global Aquaculture Advocate)
Shrimp immunity and disease control (The Advocate)
Biosecurity 101 washing and disinfecting eggs and nauplii
Microbiome Manipulation in shrimp. Fact or Fiction
Shrimp hatchery production: Myth vs. Reality (Global Aquaculture Advocate)
Failure to use biosecurity measures leading to crop failures
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