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Meet The Founder

Stephen G. Newman, Ph.D

CEO & Founder

Consulting for sustainable aquaculture from farm to fork!

Aquaintech Inc. (AITI) is  a shortened  form of Aquaculture Information Technology Inc.  AITI was founded in 1996 to commercialize the first vaccine for farmed shrimp, based on a product developed in the early 1990s.    The product was widely tested  in Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Thailand, India and elsewhere.  AITI was the first  company to successfully field test and market  a non-specific immune stimulant for shrimp.   We know that shrimp cannot be immunized in a classic sense of the word and this product functioned as a tool for enhancing the non-specific nature of their immune system.

The founder of AITI, Stephen G. Newman has a Ph.D. in marine microbiology (from the University of Miami) and a BSc. in Conservation and Resource Development (from the University of Maryland).   From 1979 to the early 1990s he developed and commercialized some of the first vaccines for farmed  salmonids.     


Early in 1992, utilizing his knowledge of aquaculture and sustainability acquired decades before most people were aware of the term, he set out to offer a variety of high quality products and support services for the US and international fish and shrimp farming communities.  In its 25 years AITIs’ name has become synonymous with quality, innovation and a reliable source of information.   With hundreds of satisfied customers in dozens of countries, AITI continues to innovate and ensure that its clients benefit from the latest in technology and understand how to be truly sustainable. 

Dr. Newman is experienced in many facets of the science of aquaculture and many allied scientific disciplines.  He has worked with banks, governments, insurance companies, university researchers, venture capitalists and equity firms, farm owners, farmers (not always the owners), shrimp and fish hatcheries and maturation facilities, processing plants, NGOs and others at all levels  of production with multiple species.   He was a Fish Health Official for Canada, a Title 50 USFWS certifying official, and licensed two of the six drugs currently approved for sale in the US into aquaculture with the FDA (formalin and tricaine) as well as licensed multiple vaccines for fish in the US and Canada with the USDA and Ag Canada.    He has administered more than a million dollars in grants; is HACCP, ISO 22000 and SA 8000 trained and is qualified to audit multiple fish and crustacean species at the farm, hatchery, nursery and processing plants and has extensive knowledge of RAS systems, pathology, animal husbandry, ecology, genetics, immunology, nutrition, biotechnology, microbiology (environmental, food and water), fermentation science and physical chemistry.  He holds one patent and has developed many products for AITI designed to promote sustainability in farmed fish and shrimp.

Dr. Newman writes regular articles on many facets of aquaculture for a variety of industry related journals and magazines.   Some of these are in the publications link.   More can be found by  going here:    

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