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Royal Mayan Shrimp Farms, Ltd. (RMSF)    Belize

Oct 2007

"Using these tablets on a consistent basis allowed us to dramatically cut back on our water exchange...We also saw a dramatic increase in the average growth rate of the animals from previous cycles, with almost a 15% increase in weekly growth rates....We whole heartedly endorse the use of this product and have found it to be a cost effective tool that has had a significant impact on our productivity and profitability."

Shrimp Improvement Systems LLC. (SIS).    USA

Nov 2017

"These bacteria degrade any accumulated organic matter and we have found that this is a convenient and easy way to keep our recirculating system healthy...Ammonia and nitrate levels are stabilized and remain low with infrequent spikes...It helps improve the general health of the breeders. We have observed after handling the animals during sampling and transfers that it effectively prevents exoskeleton lesions from becoming infected by bacteria. We are quite pleased with this product and will continue to use it."

Shrimp farmer - Maracaibo, Venezuela

July 2011

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"we have used these in our system with great success. Our system creates dead spots...These dead spots tend to have strong odors typical of the presence of sulfur, which were treated with the tablets...A week later, the smell disappeared altogether and the water quality improved...The combination of molasses and your tablets has improved our water quality immensely."


Oct 2014

"Before I arrived, one pond badly deteriorated to a point where the water really smelled bad and discolored that they had to take the fishes out of it for fear of a fish kill. Our caretaker decided not to pump out the water as they normally do (in fact, several times before the water improves) but instead applied the tablets. IT WORKED! The water cleared and the odor disappeared allowing them to re-seed the pond after a week."

Aquabios Enterprises India

Oct 2015

Observed effective control of yellow and green colonies on TCBS, smooth molting of larvae, controlling of the Zoeae syndrome, reduction of ammonia and nitrite levels at tanks, and better survivals when compared to the other leading probiotic(s).