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Aquaintech can help you become sustainable

Products for Shrimp and Fish farms, hatcheries and nurseries.


Clean water is an essential component of successful aquaculture.   However this is often a rarity.  Most work with what they have.   This ranges from the pristine to the highly polluted.   The very act of producing animals in closed or partially closed systems leads to pollution.  Inputs and outputs determine the degree.  Inputs include feed, dead and dying plant material and animals, feces and any other material that might be added or produced by what is present in the immediate environment.  If these can be flushed out the immediate imbalance can be addressed.   Nitrogen and phosphorous loads contribute to the deterioration of water quality which in turn stresses the ecosystem resulting in unfavorable conditions that negatively affect productivity.   We offer tools that can help farmers clean the environment up lessening these impacts.


Shrimp MultiPath is a smart detection system that cuts testing costs for prawn farmers and transforms how shrimp diseases are managed globally. We now have the ability to detect 13 pathogens in a single test and identify genetic variations of relevant pathogens.

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