Ecomos is a prebiotic composed of natural sugar complexes (a class of carbohydrates) which cannot be metabolized by digestive enzymes. They serve as substrates for the growth of specific beneficial bacteria in the gut and help prevent the establishment of pathogens on the intestinal mucosa.
​Recent research in aquaculture has shown that the addition of complex sugars to feed has an effective impact in stimulating some immune response both at the cellular and humoral levels. 

Benefits of using ECOMOS

  • All-natural GRAS product, no withdrawal period.

  • Provides an effective, safe alternative to costly antibiotics.

  • Improves the overall performance of young animals.

  • Helps to reduce the incidence of scours.

  • Helps improve feed conversion.

  • Promotes positive stimulation of the immune system.

  • Helps control the proliferation of gram-negative bacteria.

  • Retards colonization by pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli.

  • Promotes growth of beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria.

  • A heat stable, non-hygroscopic product

Nucleoboost - Bacterial Single Cell Protein

​Nucleoboost is a Single Cell Protein (SCP) derived from microbial sources that contains more than 70% protein, nucleotides (8%) and LPS (lipopolysaccharide). 
​This protein source is inexpensive, contains nucleotides that are essential for optimal lymphocyte function and is also immunogenic, resulting in nonspecific immune activation, enhancing this component of the immune system in animals that are fed the material. 

Representative Analysis of cells is as below:
Crude Protein >73% (dry weight)
Crude Fat: 6.7%
Ash: 2.1%
Moisture: 5%

MEGAX - Single cell protein concentrated liquid

A microbial feed supplement for shrimp.  Field proven to enhance shrimp production.
May be used in the hatchery by addition to the water or in the feed by addition to prepared feeds.  

Eliminates weak PLs from the population. Used on billions of PLs.  
Field test data shows increased resistance to vibrio infection and viral diseases.  

MEGAX Fact Sheet
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