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Science-based aquaculture has driven the growth of the industry globally.


Safe Alternative to Antibiotics

Ecomos is a prebiotic composed of natural sugar complexes (a class of carbohydrates) which cannot be metabolized by digestive enzymes. They serve as substrates for the growth of specific beneficial bacteria in the gut and help prevent the establishment of pathogens on the intestinal mucosa.

​Recent research in aquaculture has shown that the addition of complex sugars to feed has an effective impact in stimulating some immune response both at the cellular and humoral levels.


*Please note that product appearance may vary slightly but does not affect the product performance



All-natural GRAS product, no withdrawal period

Promotes positive stimulation of the immune system

Provides an effective, safe alternative to costly antibiotics

Helps control the proliferation of gram-negative bacteria

Improves the overall performance of young animals

Retards colonization by pathogens such as Salmonella & E.coli

Promotes growth of beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria

Helps improve feed conversion

A heat stable, non-hygroscopic product

Helps to reduce the incidence of scours

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